Listening to DMR on an IC-7100

I ran across DSDPlus, an application that apparently will decode various digital modes, including DMR. I don’t have a DMR radio, so I thought it would be neat to see if I could listen to it with this application. I use the IC-7100 for SSTV and FT-8, so the USB audio stuff was pretty much set up. This is what I did to listen to DMR.

  1. Download DSDPlus from
  2. Download the DSDPluss DLL files.
  3. Extract both downloaded zip files.
  4. Copy the files from the DLL folder into the DSDPlus folder.
  5. Open a command prompt and go to the DSDPlus directory.
  6. Run DSDPlus.exe and note the IC-7100 input audio device number. In my case, it was #4.
  7. Also, note the output device where you will listen, i.e., look for the ID for your speakers. In my case it was #1.
  8. Press the Escape key to quit.
  9. Run DSDPlus.exe with the following parameters for input and output devices:
    -iN -oN where N is the number of your input and output numbers. In my case, I ran DSDPlus.exe -i4 -o1.
  10. Tuned the radio to a local DMR repeater and set it to FM-Data mode.

At this point DSDPlus ran, and the radio was hearing traffic, but nothing decoded. I had to make a change under the IC-7100 connectors.

  1. Press the Set button.
  2. Go to page 3/4.
  3. Press the Connectors menu item.
  4. Go to page 4/4.
  5. Set 9600bps Mode to On.

After that, it started working! I’m not sure if this setting will affect other digital modes or not.